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You Can't Put A Spin On It

Gail's Journey

Since my last blog, there have been more challenges as we deal with this cancer and it’s effects. With some of these challenges, we have been able to look for and see some positive aspects involved. But a couple of times lately, Don made the statement, “You can’t put a spin on it.” He went on to explain that with some of the things we are experiencing, there is just not a way to turn it to the positive. He’s right. There is nothing positive about feeling this cancer growing in my body or the side effects that come with the chemotherapy. There is nothing positive about being treated like you are dying because that’s the prognosis you’ve been given. Sometimes it is hard to “put a spin on it.”

However, on Saturday, I got to experience “putting a spin on it” in a new way. Our daughter, Andrea, lives in Baltimore. She loves life, loves people, and loves Jesus. She is the children’s director at Mosaic Christian Church, which is a dynamic and growing church. She has great friends and loves to have fun and be with people. She recently found another thing she loves – spinning. Spinning is a high-intensity exercise done on a stationary bike, usually in a group setting, with an instructor and set to music. She has been going to spin classes at REVCycle multiple times a week. Our daughter, who used to hate mornings, has been attending 6am classes!

Andrea’s friends have shown love and support to her through this difficult time. Her friend Sean, who is also one of the spin instructors, decided that he wanted to do a fund-raising 'spin' event for me. Andrea’s good friend, Mallory, helped to organize the event as she is very gifted in this area. Her friend, Barbara, who is also a spin instructor, also volunteered to lead a class. Rick and Esther, the owners of REVCycle allowed them to use their brand new facility in the Brewers Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. So on Saturday from 12 – 1 pm and 1 – 2 pm, a total of about 58 people (let me rephrase this…. strong, brave, physically fit, sacrificial, kind and generous people) pushed themselves to ultimate levels of physical effort and endurance to love, support, and help me and my family. Now that is what I call a POSITIVE SPIN!!! (See the group photo we took between classes). I got to watch (and move to the loud, driving music that I loved) while they spinned! God continues to touch us through other people!

My daughter, Lauren, was home from Nashville last week. She drove us to Baltimore and participated in the spin event, then drove us back home where my family had gathered to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday. I am so grateful for wonderful parents who are still healthy and active. It was so good to honor our father who has set a great example of strength, balanced with humility and the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. Thank you Dad! He also had a surprise gift at the party as his army buddy, Harry Sharff and his family, came to celebrate. They have been friends for many years, as they were drafted into the army during the Korean War many years ago. They had another army buddy, Dale, who passed away. The 3 men shared crisis and their faith during the war. They found friendship and a deeper faith in the midst of crisis. I guess that’s another positive spin!

While trying to live, we find ourselves trying to face what is coming if God does not intervene. While trying to live, we find ourselves trying to help others grieve what we ourselves are struggling to understand. Life has completely changed, but we are trying to live and trust God. We know that God is in control and is the only one who can intervene with a miracle. I’m so thankful that Jesus already conquered death! He certainly put a spin on what the enemy had planned! He is alive and holds the keys to life and death. We are asking for a spin on this illness with a miracle. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.