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Hope For South Asia

Dear Friends,

It has been many months since I have written anything on the Gail’s Girls Page. Much has taken place in my life since that time. As I sit here in my writing chair in my living room, I am surrounded by people and objects that I love. There are numerous pictures of Gail, our daughters and my grandson. There is the painting of the old barn on Gail’s folks' farm in central Pennsylvania. On the wall hangs a large canvas photo of the Cliffs of Moher on the western coast of Ireland, one of our favorite spots on the globe. There are piles of books, my Bible and journal. I’m reading Regina Brett books presently. And, there is the first large purchase Gail and I made when we moved to this area – a Yamaha Piano. My Guild True American guitar sits next to the piano. I’ve been playing again some. It’s an old friend that has brought me much pleasure.

I still miss Gail and, some days, it all seems surreal. I had hoped she would join me for my retirement from my beloved Vibrant Church family, but that was not to be. We had many exciting ministry and personal plans for our retirement, but I will go on anyway, knowing that she is cheering me on from heaven.

Hope for South Asia

The ministry of Gail’s Girls has helped raise several hundred thousand dollars to date and we are now supporting our fourth class of female church planters in southern Asia. My daughters and I will continue to support the ministry of Enhance in southern Asia through Stadia Church Planting. Thousands of new churches have been planted by the brave men and women supported by this ministry.

This coming Sunday, June 7th, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm (EST) Stadia is hosting a Zoom telethon to raise support for southern Asia. During this three-our “Zoomathon”, you will have the opportunity to learn much more about this mission from sources like:

Jossy Chacko, President of Empart

Greg Nettle, President of Stadia Church Planting

Nanci Ricks, President of Empart USA

Albert Tate, nationally known speaker and pastor

and many others...

You’ll see the ministry of Enhance up close through videos and interviews with pastors, including myself, who support this ministry. Many of these people have visited the pastors in southern Asia first-hand and have seen the great Kingdom work they are doing.

Most of all, you will have the opportunity contribute to Enhance online. We are raising funds for two more classes of church planters - $325,000. You can tune in at any time during the three-hour event. If you cannot join us but would still like to contribute, you can do so at Please join me to support church planters who will start hundreds of new churches in a place where over 500 million people have never heard about Jesus Christ. Also, please pass this news along to your friends on your social media outlets. Let’s keep Gail’s great living legacy of changing lives throughout the world going strong.

In the near future, I’ll be doing my own blog and webpage of inspirational writings. I’ll let you know when I go online. Stay tuned.

Bringing Hope to Southern Asia,

Don Mark Hamilton