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Don’s Journey

Last night, Gail and I had the treat of seeing one of our favorite performers, Joe Bonamassa, live at Hershey Theater. The show was awesome! It took several hours to hear well again, which means the volume was perfect for me. We had the opportunity to try a new restaurant before the concert and enjoy a night in Hershey afterwards. In a few hours, our batteries were recharged, and we’ve logged a new memory, about which we will reminisce for a long time.

As a married couple, Gail and I have been blessed. We enjoy many of the same activities, like music styles, travel, and trying new restaurants. But this event was special. This was Gail’s birthday present that I gave her last August 2016. I knew she would like it, (never mind how much I would get out of it :)), and we would both spend months anticipating this evening. Neither of us had any remote idea that the concert would mean so much more now, given the fact that she was now sitting in row G, seat 15, sporting a wig and a heavy coat, even though the weather was warm. She didn’t clap much because the chemotherapy causes a painful reaction in her hands.

The day before was tough for Gail. Sometimes it seems like everything closes in and feels really depressing. We received our first large bill for medical services. One of the chemotherapy drugs costs $8,000 per treatment. There are three others in this regimen. Fortunately, we don’t pay for most of it, but holding the bill for chemotherapy in our hands was creepy and annoying. Paying anything for it sucks because of what it represents.

The night before, it appeared our dryer was dying, and we soon found out that Gail’s car wouldn’t start. That was it. Tank empty. Last straw. This requires a good cry. So, after I finally headed off to work that day, Gail called while she was laying on the floor crying. If tears were dollars, we would have no problem paying any of our medical bills.

Gail and I always spent a lot of time and money on travel and “experiences,” as opposed to “things.” We’ve shared many family vacations and special events, and spent a lot of time with the kids. We love planning for the next trip. So, we’re glad I purchased concert tickets in August, for a concert in February. We’re especially thankful for this one.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)